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But I also always had to work that much harder because it always stood out. Long before One Direction came along to revive the boyband model, savant of the form Lou Pearlman tried to put one together on a reality TV show.Neither of the Dirty Money sirens has wasted any time in kickstarting their solo careers: February saw the release of Kalenna’s mixtape , mainly because it’s very much a mixtape, with forgettable versions of radio hits like Drake’s “The Motto” and an unending parade of terrible anonymous guest rappers with names like Lil Play.But Kalenna’s tendency towards swag and bravado is a good counterpoint to Richard’s heavily armored vulnerability. “Stop playin’ motherfuckin’ games with my heart,” as the chorus to “Ladder” goes, is an appropriate echo of the “Ass On The Floor” lyric that perhaps best epitomized tracks and sumptuous outtakes like “Sade”: “This Dirty Money shit, it ain’t for everybody, man.She set the record straight on everything from the end of Diddy-Dirty Money to her highly anticipated debut album. When I was [around] 18, I opened up for Anthony Hamilton in New Orleans for the 'Ladies Night Tour.' I think that was the launch for me as an artist.A lot of people think that your career started with Danity Kane, but that isn't true. I had been doing shows prior to that as a solo artist. I feel like I still have them closed, especially since they were all different genres of music and dynamics.Jennifer Lopez may currently be dating Alex Rodriguez, but once upon a time, she and Sean "Diddy" Combs were a hot item.In fact, Diddy wasn't even known as Diddy back then — he was Puff Daddy.

, the sole album by the hip-hop/R&B trio Diddy-Dirty Money, landed in stores 16 months ago, it would’ve been fair to assume it was the end of something, not the beginning. Blige toward each other’s respective genres, something about this latest project had the stench of riding the coattails of .It’s a motherfuckin’ vibe, it’s for motherfuckers that’s patient, motherfuckers that like to take their time, and close their eyes, and dream.” For the album’s fervent cult of patient motherfuckers, its expanded universe of mixtapes and solo efforts is the ultimate immersive experience. In the past seven years, the singer has endured everything from the breakup of all-girl group Danity Kane to the unexpected disbandment of hip-hop trio Diddy-Dirty Money.I had a CD out that same year I opened for Anthony Hamilton, titled 'Angelique' [2003]") You went from being a solo artist to being a part of two groups, Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money. You find a few artists who can make those transitions and still be relevant. It's exciting for me because I have always second-guessed who would get my voice.You can't cross that many genres within a time span of five to six years and think people are going to stick around. [Danity Kane] pushed me to change and mold my voice to be able to do different things."I can't remember right now, but I won't say it didn't happen," she said. He'd say he was going to a club for a couple of hours and then never come back that night." Jennifer also explained that she and Diddy split so often that he didn't believe it when she left him for good in February 2001.


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