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HOWEVER, THERE ARE A COUPLE TRAITS AND CHARACTERISTICS THAT SEEM TO BE QUITE COMMON.Small talk doesn’t allow you to truly get to know a person, and it’s too predictable for you.

DEFINING WHAT A STRONG, OR “INTIMIDATING” PERSONALITY TYPE IS, CAN BE DIFFICULT SINCE IT MEANS SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE. Gah okay at the risk of sounding like an egomaniac I try to be very friendly/ outgoing when I first meet people, and I'm pretty attractive and I've had a close friend tell me that that is intimidating, and I'm just worried people don't know how to respond to me, etc.... It is possible I am just being paranoid too-I suppose I can be over-friendly with new acquaintances, and maybe they just don't know how to respond. Usually when someone is intimidated by you they make short talk, avoid eye contact, and over all just look nervous. To understand that of any person, his whole life, from birth, must be reviewed. Everything that ever happened to us is an ingredient.” It’s true.Oftentimes, the hardship or obstacles that one has had to overcome has shaped their personality and character.Sometimes they come off as rude or crass, but really it's just their independent ideology and mindset that rubs people the wrong way from time to time.Many of us do not figure out exactly how strong we are until we're in a situation that leaves us with no other choice but to be strong.


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