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Further, if you use HTTPS for your website, browser will not allow any other non-secure communication.So websocket communication must be secure as well, it must use instead of ws protocol. Depending on your server setup, one or another could be easier to configure. Users of the service provide their contact information and specific needs, which are routed to an actual live person who will assist in finding matches that meet the criteria.

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Users can submit a request for a lawyer in very modern ways — by texting, Facebooking (is that a verb?

Try the ‘Girls Watching Guys on Cam’ chat room for best chances of success, though some of the other chat rooms will work equally well.

Granted, there might not be as many girls on there as there are on some of the other sites mentioned here (apparently, Adult Friend Finder has a 16 to one male to female ratio), but given the nature of the site, you can get from chatting to sex much faster than with any of the other chatrooms below.

The whole sordid description of this window-into-humanity has put me right off my chilli-cheese-and-chips.

Your gratitude would be demonstrated most ably with donations to the usual address, please. So our young and learned colleague is holding court, as the rest of us sit in stunned silence.


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