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Newly out country star Chely Wright let her fingers do the walking in several conversations, especially with Broadway and TV star Sarah Paulson.

Their correspondence started over their shared love of the writing of Mary Karr, progressed to insomnia and led to bangs.

The couple’s highly-stylized Instagram pics feature everything from the two of them being adorable together, to dogs, and doughnuts. - via Instagram Full-time attorney and part-time model Julian Hernandez looks great without shirt, as you’ll see on his Instagram, but he’s never more appealing than when he and boyfriend Robb Marks share a sweet kiss or pose adorably together.- via Instagram Transgender activist and You Tuber Aydian Dowling and if you check out his Instagram page you’ll see plenty of reasons why he made the cover of Men’s Health magazine.

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But then a good friend of ours confirmed my feelings. Though before we start thinking of couple nicknames for Chely and Sarah (Chelah? ), know that Chely has been 140ing all manner of well-known tweetbians.

Openly gay celebrities no longer shock us but you may be surprised to find out who was once involved in heterosexual relationships!

fans were heartbroken but it didn’t take long for the public eye to shift to another new development in Stewart’s love life.

Nowhere is the intertwined ecosystem of celesbians more evident than when they talk on Twitter.

Last week, many of our favorite lesbian and bisexual celebrities were tweeting up a storm with each other.


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